Timberlane Kennels

Local Pet Boarding & Grooming Services
313 Lakewood Road
New Egypt, NJ 08533


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“We treat every pet boarding with the same care we would
want for our own beloved four legged family members.
For us, kennel ownership is a wonderful lifestyle, not a job!

~Owner, Timberlane Kennels

Many pets have had traumatic experiences leaving them fearful of the groomer. Rest assured your dog will be treated with the utmost kindness. We are so proud of the many dogs whose trust we have have gained – the ultimate reward!

Our groomer, of which one is the Owner of Timberlane Kennels, always has an assistant to comfort and steady your pet during the grooming process. No tranquilizers are ever given. 

We use only Nature’s Specialties quality shampoos and conditioners on all of our guests. No hot air dryers – safety first! 

With many years experience in showing multiple breeds; our knowledge of fine quality grooming will make your pet look like a champ!

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