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Kennel Cough is an airborne and highly contagious upper respiratory disease. It can effect strong, healthy adult dogs but preys on the elderly and very young. Some cases are mild but many if left untreated can become life threatening.

Since Kennel Cough is airborne and contagious there are questions you must ask your boarding kennel. Be on the lookout for the following and make sure your facility guards against:

  • No communal play. Keep dogs that are not from the same household away from each other. As good as of a time playtime with other dogs seems, contact with other strange dogs opens your pet up to a host of medical problems. Kennel Cough being one. Parasites such as fleas another. (Not to mention the possibility of an attack by another dog when facing a “pack mentality”.)
  • Ventilation. Your boarding facility should have sufficient heating and air conditioning to allow for run doors to be left open several times a day even in extreme weather.It may drive up the cost of climate control but the well being of the animals a facility cares for is paramount!!
  • Clean environment. All bedding, water dishes and food bowls should be sanitized daily. Cots that are provided in some kennels may not be properly sanitized sufficiently.

With all of these parameters in mind, always check with your veterinarian for a referral. They will know, as they have treated cases of Kennel Cough, who has a safe facility. Don’t mistake fancy kennels with all the bells and whistles for good care. Look for kennels with long time staff who will get to know your dogs habits and therefore be able to detect any change in health or behavior leading to illness.



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