Timberlane Kennels, New Egypt, NJ 08533

Timberlane Kennels

Local Pet Boarding & Grooming Services
313 Lakewood Road
New Egypt, NJ 08533

... where Veterinarians not only recommend us,
they board with us!

Local Pet Boarding & Grooming Services
313 Lakewood Road
New Egypt, NJ 08533

… where Veterinarians not
only recommend us, they
board with us!

local dog boarding, grooming in NJ

Timberlane Kennels is a family-run facility offering over 35 years of quality boarding and grooming services for your pet. The Owner lives on the premises with her pet loving family. 

Your pet will be treated as one of our own. We pamper our guests and go out of our way to make their stay as comfortable as possible. Our staff frequently checks in on each guest and comforts any that appear to miss their human parents.

Timberlane Kennels is located in New Egypt, New Jersey, right next to Jackson and is just minutes from all of Central Jersey. While a lot of our customers are local, some travel from as far away as Philly and New York to board with us.

A few highlights of our pet care center includes:

  • climate controlled – indoor/outdoor kennel runs
  • accommodations with soothing music
  • playtime at no additional charge
  • extra care for senior dogs
  • professional grooming – no tranquilizers, just patience
  • we are qualified to administer insulin injections if needed

​We also offer day care- so the next time you are heading to the shore or Great Adventure for the day, call us to watch your dog while you are gone! You can simply pick him or her up on your way back home! We look forward to serving all your pet boarding and grooming needs.

Services We Offer...


We Care For All Types
& Sized Pets

From the very small to the extremely tall, we tailor your stay to your pets needs.


Geriatric &
Special Needs Care

Staff is experienced in administering all medications to include injectable insulin. Special care is given to all elder dogs.

Nails and Ear Cleaning

Free nail clipping. Every dog and cat should feel good about their nails!

Pet Grooming, Specialty Baths

Grooming & Specialty Bathing

Safety first!
Room temperature dryers and stress free environment with expert grooming.

Doggie Play-Time at Timberlane Kennels, NJ


No charge for daily playtime in our large play area with seasonal activities. For the safety and health reasons we prefer individual play time.

What Our Customers Are Saying…

My dog Moose, St Bernard, is very picky with people. He seemed to do well on his first stay and then when bringing him there for his 2nd he was excited and was wagging his tail. That made me feel very good. If you can pass the Moose test you have to be very good. Thank you.
~Tracy G.
They have done so much for our rescue group. They are ALWAYS there for our pups. Thank you from the Shelter Saviors and Rescue Friends.!!!. We love you gals!!
~Joanna D.
Timberlane is a wonderful home away from home. This review is long overdue, but I was apprehensive to board my 2 sweet senior dogs last November since it had been years since I had needed to board them, but the reviews were very good and the location is right near my parents, in case there was an emergency. One of them was a fragile diabetic and while he was there, the staff noticed he was not acting right. Frank needed to be hospitalized due to a diabetic crisis and I was so thankful that the staff, after just a day, knew my dog enough to know that his behavior was "off." While he was hospitalized, Timberlane sent a staff member to visit him every day until he was well enough to return to them. They called me with updates and were so accommodating with everything. You will not be disappointed here.
~Brenda I.
I was a little concerned about leaving our dog for 10 long days. We rescued him (9 yrs. ago today) and we've never had to board him. If we went away a family member would help out but this time we were going away together so I was worried that he may have felt we abandoned him. Well picking him up this afternoon put all my concerns aside. He came out very excited to see us and ready to go home but he was also giving his new friends and caretakers lots of kisses and hugs before he left. A sign that he was ok plus my daughters dog was there the same amount of time and they were able to play together in the yard. I highly recommend Timberlane without hesitation and will bring our dog again. Thanks Beth, Jennifer & staff!
~Jeanne C.

Keep in Touch...

We are located at:
313 Lakewood Road
New Egypt, NJ 08533

Telephone: 609-758-7348

Drop Off & Pick Up Hours: 
9am-1pm + 5pm-6pm


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